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Supply Chain Consulting

S7Clear Supply Chain Consulting Services helps organizations benefit from a robust, resilient, and virtuous Supply Chain. We believe supply chain issues are at the heart of many significant organizational challenges. Managing supply flows and securing product availability in a balanced way is a critical component of our mission.


improving Responsiveness and Securing Availability

Defining the Logistics Organization and the Most Suitable Network to Meet your Markets and their Needs. Developing Appropriate Distribution Channels to Accelerate your Flows and  Strengthen your Customer Engagement. Setting up Robust Processes to Increase. Responsiveness and Speed Up your Response to Market Fluctuations (Suppliers & Customers). Streamlining and Accelerating Collaboration Between Stakeholders in the Extended Supply Chain.


Optimizing Full Costs

Mapping Physical and Informational Flows to Know the Full Operational Costs and Adapt the Offer/Service to the Right Level of your Customers’ Needs. Defining the Optimal Organization Allowing the Management of Costs at Global, Regional and Local Levels. Improving Inventory Turnover and Minimizing Working Capital (Materials, Work in Progress, Finished Products). Building the Service Offer by Adjusting Logistics Operations Providing End-to-End Visibility.


Providing End-to-End Visibility

Developing Efficient Customer-Supplier Interfaces for a Collaborative and Agile Supply-Chain. Managing the Flows of Internal and External Partners to Drive Overall Performance. Digitizing the Informational Flows to Manage the Entire Value Chain and Enhance your Supply-Chain on the Market.


Limiting Global Impact

Eliminating Waste Throughout the Value Chain, Including Product Returns. Limiting “Break Bulk” and the Overall Environmental Impact by Network Design. Reducing the Environmental Impact of Physical Flows.  Adapting the Value Proposition of Traditional Supply Chains to the Duplication of Distribution Channels and e-Commerce. Monitoring and Securing Physical Flows in Connection with the Duty of Care.


Operational Teams

A pragmatic approach that adapts to your culture and the specifics of your organization and sector. A team of operational consultants, who act “on the ground” and know how to gain your teams’ trust. A responsible consulting firm that shares its values ​​with your teams.

A Multi-Expert Approach

More than 20 years of experience making it possible to support your teams in terms of Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation. An Operational Expertise in Purchasing, Supply, Operations, and Innovation as a strong asset for effective work on business interfaces.

A Powerful Network

Present internationally, our mixed teams can be set up according to your needs with the support of a global expert’s network. Benchmarks carried out with our customers and a technological/sectorial watch allow us to also provide you with the best practices (capitalization) and trends (decryption).

A Personalized Offer

Your customers being all specific, we work together with your teams to build solutions based on best practices observed in different sectors, to offer a differentiated Supply-Chain for every customer. Our pragmatic “Just in Digitalization ®” Approach allows us to target the appropriate levers to digitize your Supply-Chain with the right amount of investment: “more velocity, more visibility, less variability”.

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