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Strategies & Plans

S7Clear Strategy and Plans service can provide organizations with the expert insight and practical experience required to create well-crafted strategies for the category and functional initiatives. We have experience in delivering a range of capabilities aimed at transformation and category leaders to put them on the front foot. 


Inventing the Business of Tomorrow

Value Chain Mapping and Market Analysis
Generation of Innovation Ideas / Feeding Process. Innovation Model: Process, Governance, Tools. Decision Criteria to Guide Research and Technology Topics. Open Innovation: Organization and Support for Initiatives


Increasing the ROI of R&I

Benchmark and Roundtables on Good R&D Practices. R&I Projects & Portfolio Management
Redesign-to-Cost and Value Analysis
Design and Support of R&D Transformation Projects: Digitization, Technology Standardization, Improvement of Sustainability, R&D Supply Chain Optimization (contract manufacturing)Innovation Fundingdraft, change, customize and launch new course pages with an easy-to-use template.


Accelerating Time-to-Market

Project Management Office for Complex Projects. Agile Methodologies on Product Development Lean Engineering and Efficiency of Development Processes. Optimization of Interfaces: from Research to Development and from Development to Industrial


Engaging the R&D Community

Your R&D Re-Organization: Diagnosis, Design, Deployment. R&D Footprint Design
Talent Development Plan
Expertise Channels Plan


Innovation Specialization

An exclusive focus on high-impact challenges related to the strategy and management of innovation and the performance of R&D organizations. Added value enhanced by cross-fertilization practices in multiple sectors and frequent benchmarks fueling the diagnosis

Strategic Vision and Operational Solutions

Strategic analysis with decision-makers to define their priorities and objectives. Educational approach with operational teams: co-design of solutions for faster implementation Operational reinforcement thanks to Kepler’s expertise in operations, supply chain, and purchasing

Innovation Community Networks

Skills, tools, and digital partners to accelerate the transformation of innovation and R&D activities. Agile coaches. Senior advisors, former VP R&D, representing different business sectors and directly involved in our projects for their functional / sector expertise

Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

Long-term and “tailor-made” approach to customer relations and methodologies
Great flexibility in project management and working methods to adapt to client / team constraints. No costly over-engineering in the way we deliver our projects

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