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Urbanization changes demand new infrastructure strategies.

Infrastructure initiatives pose a significant challenge for governments, transportation authorities, engineering and construction firms, as well as real estate developers globally. To facilitate the success of our public and private sector clients, our team of infrastructure specialists offers the essential components required for these endeavors.

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Sustainability & Climate Resilience

We develop a shared vision and strategy, along with actionable plans, to create resilient transportation infrastructure capable of withstanding the challenges posed by climate change.

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Large Capital Project Management

Our team specializes in unlocking value for project owners and contractors through the use of methodologies such as lean construction and BIM.

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Digital & Analytics

To support organizational transformation and streamline the bidding, construction, and post-construction asset management processes, we offer our clients robust digital programs.

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Investment & Financing

Our team has the expertise necessary to navigate complex funding structures, ensuring that our clients receive the funding they need to complete critical infrastructure projects.

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Plan. Transact. Deliver. Achieve.

Governments now consider infrastructure crucial for economic growth and citizen well-being, and the private sector is urged to implement smart technologies and environmentally friendly infrastructure. However, construction projects are becoming larger, riskier, and more complicated, with capital project management budgets facing worldwide difficulties. Consequently, infrastructure players require assistance in completing projects on time and within budget, while also reconsidering how they choose, execute, and manage new construction and capital projects.

Driving commerce and prosperity.


Our footprint connects emerging and high-growth markets with more established economies, allowing us to channel capital to where it’s needed the most.

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