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S7Clear Global Support

Our organization is comprised of a team of experts in various specialized areas, such as technology, finance, law, corporate development, communication, and operations.


Smart and effective business solutions.

We serve as the support system for S7Clear’s commercial divisions and teams, providing them with professional guidance and support.

S7Clear Markets connects buyers and sellers in over a dozen specialist markets, enabling businesses to trade, innovate and grow.

From information architecture to service support, platform development to product management and information security to data analytics, our tech specialists provide advice and deliver services that power digital and data strategies and help the company run smoothly.

From Group finance to tax, treasury to shared services, and beyond, our teams analyze trends and report results, oversee cash flows, enable critical payments, and support S7Clear’s strength and stability. We’re a connected community, with opportunities to undertake accredited training and move between teams and roles.

Business Insight and strategic vision..

Our experts bring deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives that question the status quo and spark change.

S7Clear Network
S7Clear shares the same purpose: to champion the specialist, connecting people with knowledge to help them learn more, know more and do more.

Think big. Act small.

We love ambitious thinking and taking bold options. At the same time, we recognize that success also comes from rolling up our sleeves, sweating the detail, and taking personal ownership of the things that matter.

Trust must be earned.

We don’t just say we’re specialists, we live and breathe the subjects we work in and the communities we work with. By getting closer to our customers and partners, and offering support every step of the way, we build trust and the confidence to rely on us to do the right things, in the right way.

Success is a partnership.

We get better answers by combining skills and talents, joining forces, and embracing ideas, wherever they come from. This broadens perspectives, expands horizons, sparks innovation, and keeps our thinking fresh.

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