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The Supply Chain actively contributes to the development of the company. To create a competitive and sustainable advantage, the organization should benefit from a robust, resilient, and virtuous Supply Chain making it possible to secure the growth and rapidly transform businesses.


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Specialist Procurement  Solutions

Traditional retailers often operate on tight margins and are feeling the pressure to invest in transformation as digital offerings continue to outperform. Innovation is becoming as important as a well-structured cost base.

Operational Teams

  • A pragmatic approach that adapts to your culture and the specifics of your organization and sector
  • A team of operational consultants, who act “on the ground” and know how to gain your teams’ trust
  • A responsible consulting firm that shares its values ​​with your teams

A Multi-Expert Approach

  • More than 10 years of experience making it possible to support your teams in terms of Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation
  • An Operational Expertise in Purchasing, Supply, Operations and Innovation as a strong asset for effective work on business interfaces.

A Powerful Network

  • Present internationally, our mixed teams can be set up according to your needs with the support of a global experts network
  • Benchmarks carried out with our customers and a technological / sectorial watch allow us to also provide you with the best practices (capitalization) and trends (decryption)

Sector Dynamics

Retail transformation takes many forms as retailers seek ways of meeting changing customer preferences and increasing expectations. However, not all customers are equal and research suggests that the next generation may be different from the last; emphasizing the importance of differentiation, investment, and agility to be profitable today and stay relevant tomorrow. Retailers are increasing their focus on the value chain, turning to suppliers for innovation and inspiration, as well as cost optimization. Critically “indirects”, or “Goods Not For Resale” may be a key factor in driving retail success as Marketing, Technology, Premises, and Supply Chain solutions are becoming key differentiators in the customer offering.

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