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S7Clear X develops and co-manages corporate startup studios to help public and private enterprises and philanthropic organizations launch new ideas that align with their vision, mission, and financial conscience.

Through experimentation
and the creation of
hundreds of businesses,
S7Clear X team has

Set of tools, templates, and frameworks have been developed by S7Clear X that facilitate the swift and robust launch of new ideas into the market. These proven resources enable the company to build businesses more efficiently, reduce time-to-market, and enhance the overall quality of the end product.

S7Clear X has established a reliable partner network that it leverages to promptly de-risk significant assumptions. The network comprises trusted partners who collaborate with the company to validate crucial assumptions, minimize risk, and accelerate the pace of progress. The use of this network enables S7Clear X to make informed decisions and bring products to the market more quickly and confidently.

S7Clear X follows a stage-gated venture building process founded on data-driven insights. This method allows the company to validate and refine concepts, evaluate market fit, and create go-to-market strategies based on comprehensive market analysis. The process is flexible, adaptive, and scalable, enabling S7Clear X to tailor its approach to the specific needs of each venture. The data-driven approach employed by S7Clear X ensures that the end product is strategically aligned with market needs and has a higher chance of success.

Value creation hinges on effective execution.

By merging the expertise of our committed team of business designers, strategists, and technologists with the intelligence, clientele, intellectual property, and distribution channels of our corporate customers, we gain an unfair advantage that results in both strategic and financial gains.


Our main objective is to launch genuine companies that foster innovation, knowledge acquisition, and expansion. We assist our corporate collaborators in establishing their own reliable and prosperous venture building operations by taking decisive steps. By adopting a distinct method that centers around incentives, processes, and governance, we enable corporate executives to take daring risks, conduct swift experiments, and transcend mere innovation posturing.


S7Clear collaborates with the most prestigious research universities, and government organizations globally to offer a thriving platform for ideas originating from the academic sphere. Our aim is to enhance the likelihood of success for the most promising startups emerging from higher education by facilitating strong ties between researchers, students, alumni, and industry leaders. This not only fosters a sense of camaraderie but also cultivates an environment of innovation and growth.


We firmly believe that company building is a collaborative endeavor, and our team has the knowledge and expertise to rapidly expand in highly competitive markets. Our collaborative approach is aimed at helping you attain greater success at an accelerated pace and gain access to essential infrastructure, skilled professionals, services, and resources that can help bring about this change.


We utilize a stage-gated approach in our process of venture building.


Our initial step in the venture building process involves conducting an in-depth analysis of the problem spaces, customer needs, and competitive landscape. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of these factors, we can identify the most significant opportunities and risks for the business. This deep dive enables us to develop a strategic plan for creating a viable business model that addresses the identified market gaps.

Invest & Launch

Once we have a proposed business model concept, we put it through a rigorous testing and experimentation process to validate that there is a problem-solution fit. We use a range of methods, including lean experimentation and customer discovery, to assess the viability of the proposed business model. This process enables us to refine the concept and identify areas that require further development to ensure its success.

Design & Validation

To secure the necessary funding for the venture, we raise capital and align incentives with existing and new founding team members and partners. Our team has a wealth of experience in securing funding from investors, and we use this knowledge to optimize the financing process. By aligning incentives, we ensure that all parties are invested in the success of the venture and work towards a shared vision.


Once the funding is secured, we solidify the core operating team, and our fractional co-founder support ensures that our expertise is available throughout the development process. In addition, our Trusted Partner Network provides ongoing support in areas such as legal, finance, and marketing. This support helps to optimize the venture’s development and ensures that it can reach its full potential. With these steps in place, we are confident in our ability to create successful ventures that address real-world problems and create significant value for our partners and stakeholders.

High Impact = High Returns.

Our approach is based on the belief that innovation should be pursued systematically and strategically. Through the application of a rigorous and proven methodology, we help corporations to identify and evaluate opportunities that are aligned with their strategic objectives. By diversifying their portfolio of business models, corporations can mitigate risks and optimize their chances of success.

We are confident that Corporate Innovation can deliver transformative impact and substantial returns for corporations that embrace this emerging asset class. Our approach is designed to help corporations navigate the complex landscape of innovation, leverage the latest technological advancements, and position themselves for long-term success in an ever-evolving market.

100 +
The team has built

S7clear X Innovation


S7Clear stands out as a top-notch venture studio globally. We have fine-tuned our playbook, allowing corporations and universities to replicate the same level of success in venture building.

Our focus is on achieving tangible outcomes by launching and scaling new ventures, and we collaborate with leaders to demonstrate what can be accomplished.

To ensure that everyone is driven to succeed, we align incentives with our partners, investors, and founders.

Our belief is that creating startups is a collaborative effort, and we have developed an extensive network of investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors to give our startups the highest likelihood of success. By working with us, our network becomes available to you.

From the very beginning, we provide assistance to our startups in realizing their growth plans by facilitating market traction, building a competent team, and granting access to capital.

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