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Transportation & logistics is a high volume, high risk, and costly exercise that requires balancing cost, reliability, capacity, and performance. Simplify the most complex spend categories among shippers, 3PLs, logistics, and service providers and carriers alike.


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Specialist Procurement Solutions

Rising costs and increasing client expectations caused by the complex, global supply markets in an ‘omnichannel world’ are two major challenges facing the Logistics sector.

S7Clear is specialized in taking over operational procurement based on long-term contracts. S7Clear functions as an extension of your purchasing department. Together we look at which activities we can take over. With the aim of structurally improving the purchasing process. We are a transparent purchasing partner and work on the basis of open calculation.

Project Supply

As a project partner, we take care of the delivery of all your industrial equipment. Our specialists have specific technical product knowledge of various product groups.

Piping Supply

The worldwide piping partner for supplying pipes, fittings, flanges, special forged products, o-let/branch fittings, valves, stud bolts and gaskets.

Material Handling

Importer and producer of internal transport equipment. Our range consists of manual pallet trucks to complete electric stackers.


S7Clear manages and develops both software and hardware solutions for optimizing and automating the supply chain. Our solutions aid you in procurement in the simplest and most user-friendly way.

Sector Dynamics

We begin with an in-depth classification and prioritization of key lanes. These include identifying “at-risk” lanes like production/event critical lanes, “hot routes,” high congestion lanes, or key customers. We look at market constraints like metro areas, out-of-way locations and demand patterns, and operational constraints like a productive length of haul, desirable back-haul opportunities, and loading times.
Post classification, we apply tailored sourcing strategies incorporating the lane characteristics, market, and operational constraints. These may include developing key supplier partnerships, managing carrier capacity, identifying complementary lanes, evaluating alternate modes, evaluating the type of equipment, implementing a mileage program, standardizing surcharges as well as competitive bidding.
And we also focus on optimizing your transportation network, warehouse locations, lane and origin level capacity, carriers per location, transit times, and equipment types.
Our logistics management services are supported by a powerful support infrastructure that includes hundreds of category SMEs; a database of millions of suppliers by country, mode, and equipment; and sophisticated analytical and optimization tools.

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