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Our Commitment

The commitments made by S7Clear are central to our corporate purpose. They are the foundation upon which we build our business.
Trusted by global stakeholders_

We recognize that the most significant progress can be achieved by collaborating with our clients. Our diverse, international teams collaborate with organizations and governments to address the most pressing challenges of today. At the same time, we are committed to fulfilling our own corporate obligations by promoting ethical and responsible business practices within S7Clear. Every day, we strive to construct a sustainable and inclusive future, contributing to the betterment of society.

Driving Social Impact

– 1000+

S7Clear commits to social impact cases to be delivered annually.

– 50%

of  S7Clear clients must consider being involved in social impact projects

– 25%

shall invest in social impact initiatives for a better world.

– 100+

stakeholders shall support a social impact project on global bases

Protecting Our Planet

– 100+

climate and environment cases delivered

– 50%

S7Clear committed to reduction in BCG’s greenhouse gas emissions

– 25%

shall invest in climate and environment initiatives

– 2 Yrs.

S7Clear is committed certified as a CarbonNeutral company

Empowering Our People

– 100%

S7Clear is commits to people in our global team

– 20%

of  S7Clear shall invest in racial equity-focused initiatives

– 45%

S7Clear must engage for new hires are women

– 100%

of our people have access to health and well-being services as soon as we grow

Promoting Responsible Business Practices

– 1B+

S7Clear commits to generating global revenue

– 100%

of  S7Clear sourcing managers have completed a training in sustainable procurement

– 100%

of S7ers have completed our training in business ethics

– 100%

of S7Clear offices undergo a periodic internal risk review

Our Foundation
Supporting all stakeholders with the passion for creating a stronger, more prosperous world.

Our teams are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to collaborative innovation. We offer companies seeking a competitive edge a range of innovative ideas and tools, as well as our tried and tested methodologies and technologies. We welcome professionals who are both talented and diverse to work with us in fostering a culture of care and curiosity. Together, we collaborate with stakeholders to achieve real innovation.

Build a future you
believe in

As an analyst, economist, technologist, accountant, innovator, and storyteller, you’ll be part of a diverse team at S7Clear. Our goal is to establish trust in society and tackle critical issues through an unexpected blend of skills and perspectives.

Join the Tribe
Accelerate responsible climate action in every industry so our planet’s diverse communities, natural resources, and shared environments can thrive indefinitely.

The complexity of the challenge we face requires a kaleidoscope of perspectives and approaches, and radical collaboration across and between them.

S7Clear Climate Pledge
Solving Complex Challenges

S7Clear Blueprint


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S7Clear Fintech +

Equality & Justice

Dream Forward

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